Iternational students testimonials

Zhanat Erkinbekova, Kyrgyzstan

"I want to continue my study in Russia that's why I’m thinking about pursuing postgraduate studies "

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Sarafroz Erkinova, Uzbekistan

"I must consess that's not easy to study here, but it's interesting"

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Mubaraq Sadiq Abubakar, Nigeria

"Since childhood I've been dreaming about career in medicine that's why I am here in Russia"

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Aggrey Koni, Tanzania

"Russia is among the top countries to learn about the oil and gas industry"

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Milan Procyk, Germany

"What I like about Kaliningrad is it's reach history and location near the sea"

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Lamatsch Horn , Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

"Study in Russia will help me to make career in the automotive industry"

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Frank Choolve Chibale, Zambia

"Every young person can come here and become educated"

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Ulan Manuleka, Republic of South Africa

"Here I met people from over hundred fifty countries"

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Prasun Pokharel, Nepal

"Russia has the high level of technology, you can learn a lot of new things here"

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Ahmed Ibrahim, Egypt

"It is very strong power engineering school in Russia"

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Thankaraj Ashok Raja, India

"Russian diploma helped me to find a job in India very quickly"

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Nadiah Natasya Binti Zulkurnai, Malaysia

"I was very impressed with the university labs equipment"

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Nurul Syuhadah Nadiah Binti Alias, Malaysia

"We’re conducting different kinds of research, becoming more and more immersed in science"

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Adrian Mansanares Garsia, Spain

"In Russia I've gained good experience and had great summer time"

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David De Vacas, Ecuador

"I desired to become a cosmonaut, and now I am a student of aircraft engineering"

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Marina Strizhevich, Belarus

"At our university there is a good program that supports international students"

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Dam Kyhn Ann, Vietnam

"Now I have friends from different countries"

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Susan Shahhud, Syria

"I have chose this university because I heard about high level of education here"

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Thomas Espy, USA

"I quickly prepared all the documents for admission with the help of university staff "

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Gao Jiayi, China

"I've been living in Russia for 4 years, and I like this country more and more"

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