MIPT Academic Competitions: Get Bonus Points When Entering University

18 April 2017 © MIPT

International applicants can participate in online physics and chemistry academic competitions and IT 2017 international contest.

High schoolers wishing to study at Russia’s leading technological university’s Molecular and Chemical Physics Department (FMKhF) or Radio Engineering and Cybernetics Department (FRTK) are offered an opportunity to check their proficiency online.  Any international applicant can take part in online academic competition. Register at, select the subject: physics or chemistry and solve the problems offered. Language of academic competition: Russian.

E-mail the scans of your solutions to 04physchem@gmail.com before 23 May 2017 or post them on portal (click on FMKhF Academic Competition tab). Winners and awardees will have an advantage over their peers in entering FMKhF.

IT 2017 online international contest is arranged by the Engineering and Cybernetics Department. It comprises three sections: physics, radio engineering and programming. Schoolchildren can select one or all subjects. Each section will sum up contest results separately. Register for IT academic competition at E-mail your solutions before 15 May 2017. IT 2017 winners are entitled to commendations and gifts, and, most importantly, they have advantages in FRKT enrolment. MIPT will announce contests results in late May. 


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