MIPT Representatives to Give Guidance on How to Enrol in MIPT Master’s Programmes

14 June 2017 © MIPT

International prospective students can ask questions about study at MIPT.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology will live-stream a conference on the university’s YouTube Channel on 15 June 2017. MIPT Admission Office representatives will elaborate on fields of study, master’s degree entrance tests, document requirements for prospective students, university interview, benefits, bonuses and scholarships, the advantages academic competition winners can enjoy, distance learning etc.

The conference, scheduled for 15:00 MSK, will be live-streamed in Russian; no participation fee is charged. Click on this link to watch.  Use the special form on MIPT master’s studies website to ask your questions and forward them to MIPT Admission Office right now or ask them in the chat below the video during online broadcast.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is a top Russian technological university. It offers some 250 master’s programmes (including 9 master’s programmes in English) in mathematics, physics, computer science, nanotechnology, systems analysis, biotechnologies and other disciplines. 2017 application for master’s programmes in Russian opens on 20 June; closing date is 26 July. Application for programmes in English opens on 20 June; closing date is 20 September.


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