Prospective International Students Will Learn More About UrFU Master Programmes

12 May 2017 © UrFU

The International Team of the university launched the project “International Programs’ Days”.

In the course of three weeks the visitors of UrFU official websiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram will have a chance to learn more about the University’s programmes taught in English. 

Each day will be devoted to one particular programme: the posts will include programme’s description, information about the head of the programme, students’ testimonials, links to application form, etc. It is planned to cover 17 Master programmes from different fields, such as: Cognitive Neuroscience, IT Innovations in Business, Adaptive Data Analysis, System Programming, Political Philosophy, Food Biotechnology, Global Energy Business, International Trade and Entrepreneurship and others. 

The prospective students will also be presented the Bachelor programme in English “International Economics and Business”, which will also be included in the project. UrFU has started the admission campaign, which will last until August 1, 2017. 

If you have any questions about UrFU international programmes, feel free to leave them in the comment section under the posts on pages in social networks Facebook and Twitter or send them to


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