Bioeconomics is a unique programme at the HSE University

08 June 2021
Bioeconomics is a unique programme at the HSE University

The Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology of the HSE University has prepared something special for bachelors and specialists in chemistry, biology, ecology, environmental management and established professionals in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological fields. A new Master's profile in Bioeconomics. The programme in Russian and English will deepen your knowledge and expand your professional skills.

Bioeconomics is an innovative industry that develops and implements modern biotechnology, "green chemistry", alternative energy sources, the use of recyclable materials and renewable resources in industries and in everyday life. The majority of countries are already facing the need to solve environmental problems effectively and efficiently as the exhaustion of essential resources and deterioration of the environment is already a reality for many of them. Professionals in launching, managing and expert assessment of innovative programmes and biotechnological industries are already in demand with state corporations and international organizations such as the UN, UNIDO, UNESCO.

HSE Masters will be able to gain in-depth knowledge of planning, organizing and leading scientific activity in system biology, bioinformatics, medical biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals and other industries. They will also receive all the necessary skills in managing the production of biotechnological products. Graduates can participate in research projects or in innovative business. Alternatively, you can continue your studies in graduate or doctoral school.

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