Education of the future – UTMN project

08 December 2020
Education of the future – UTMN project
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School of Advanced Studies is a unique project of University of Tyumen and one of the first scientific and educational greenfields in Russia.

Greenfield is a university's department that implements the most innovative developments in education. The School has introduced a new learning format in Russia. Each bachelor's student for the first two years studies according to an individually developed programme. It includes electives – any SAS disciplines of the student's choice. And a nuclear programme for everyone. At the end of the second year, future bachelor graduates choose the final direction of training. The School invites international lecturers from leading global universities, both for short-term lecture courses and permanently. Now the School employs 29 specialists from 17 countries, mostly PhDs. The university has created an atmosphere of international academic cooperation. One of the main criteria for the School's education is tight cooperation between students and educators, in person or in small groups.

Now the School invites applicants to study for a bachelor's degree in 7 fields of training:
1. Economics (Economics profile)
2. History (History profile)
3. Biology (Life Sciences profile)
4. Media communications (Cinema and Media profile)
5. Arts and Humanities (Cultural Studies profile)
6. Sociology (Sociology and Anthropology profile)
7. Applied Informatics (Information Technology and Digital Society profile)

There are two programmes available for future masters: Digital Cultures and Media Production ) and Experimental Higher Education, held jointly with SKOLKOVO Education Development Centre. To enrol in these programmes, you will need a high proficiency level in English, since very few courses are taught in Russian.

School of Advanced Studies is not the only innovative project of University of Tyumen. The UTMN also opened a Tutor Support Center, where each student can receive peer support for academic and psychological adaptation.

University of Tyumen is one of the very first to implement new education models and latest technologies in Russia. It's based on the achievements of the leading universities and UTMN own scientific research. University is already sharing its successful experience with other educational and scientific organizations. Choose a field right now and get an opportunity to study according to the new generation programmes.

Choose a field right now and get an opportunity to study according to the new generation programmes. It is easy to send an application through our website – just register, choose your future profession and get a response directly from a university representative. No fee required!