FEFU International Students Taking Medical Internship

31 January 2018
Study in Russia for foreigners

The students on English-taught Medical Care programme are practicing key medical skills.

FEFU School of Biomedicine international students’ practice runs at the university’s simulation centre. It has several classrooms with necessary equipment such as state-of-the art simulators, patient care manikins and training devices. Guided by university experts, the young people learn to diagnose the patient employing various methods, make injections, master resuscitation techniques including cardio-pulminary life support and acquire nursing skills. This practice is obligatory for future doctors in the run-up to initial accreditation.

FEFU launched the Medical Care programme in English in 2016. During six-year studies students gain the knowledge of more than 60 subjects including chemistry, biology, anatomy, histology, Latin etc. Last year, the University admitted 113 international prospective students to the programme. Now, FEFU is providing training to more than 3,000 students from 67 countries.

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