Foreign graduates told why they chose to study at Russian universities

23 December 2021
Foreign graduates told why they chose to study at Russian universities
RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov

High quality of education, desire to learn Russian and love for Russian classics - these and other reasons bring foreigners to Russian universities. Graduates of Russian universities from Africa, Asia and the Middle East shared their stories related to Russia during the online conference.

Gabriel Kochofa came fr om Benin to the Soviet Union to study, and after graduating from the Gubkin University of Oil and Gas, he remained in Russia to teach. In his opinion, the main advantage of Russian education is that it is fundamental, and the foundation is backed up by practice. “Every year my students and I undergo practical training, people have the opportunity to 'touch' the oil and see its deposits.”

Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and History of International Relations of the RUDN University Adu Yao Nikez (Cote d'Ivoire) ended up in Russia and entered the RUDN University by accident - he had no relatives or acquaintances in Russia. However, he had only the most positive impressions of this "accident". Ada graduated with honors and stayed to teach at the RUDN University, wh ere he has been working at the Department of International Relations for 10 years.

Advisor to the Embassy of the State of Palestine Abedallah Yesa told how he became a graduate of the Literary Institute. A. M. Gorky. “My attitude to the Russian language was formed in Palestine as a child. I wanted to study Russian literature from the inside, and in this sense, the Literary Institute gave me a lot, - he noted. - If you get to know the world of the Russian person, he will not alienate you. Only in Russia will the fridge be opened in front of the guest and any meal will be offered to choose from,” added Abedallah Yesa.

Vice-President of the Lebanese-Russian Friendship Society Riad Najm shared his opinion that there are no problems in Lebanon now with the recognition of Russian diplomas, so Lebanese students are happy to go to Russia. “They are returning calmly, and the level of education they received in Russia allows them to work and occupy high positions,” he said.