From Congo to China: how foreign students study in Russia

20 August 2021
From Congo to China: how foreign students study in Russia

Foreign students in different parts of Russia told us why they decided to study in our country and what they are going to do after graduation.

Altes Ofulu, a student at Lipetsk State Technical University, came from the Republic of Congo five years ago. In LSTU he got a bachelor's degree in management in technical systems and continued his studies for a master’s degree. Comparing the educational systems in Russia and in his home country, Altes notes teachers’ use of an individual approach and of methods of enhancing the cognitive activity of students. After completing his studies, he plans to return to Congo. “There are a lot of bachelors in Congo, because the training lasts only three years. But masters of science can be counted on the fingers of one hand. So, on my return home with such prestigious, high-quality education I will be able to find a good, well-paid job” - said Altes.

Vassim Ghorab is studying as a medical resident at Chuvash State University. Vassim came to Russia from Lebanon. “In Chuvashia, it is comfortable for me to live and study. The level of education is high, the accommodation is near the university, and economically I also feel comfortable. I have excellent practice here, it develops my readiness for the subsequent stages of life, for work and the opportunities to actively realize myself in my field of work” - says Vassim. After completing his residency, he plans to stay in Russia and work as a traumatologist in Cheboksary.

Zid Anter became the first student from Yemen at Tomsk Polytechnic University. He has graduated with a bachelor's degree in oil and gas engineering and is determined to continue his studies at TPU and get first a master's degree and then a doctorate. When he first came to Tomsk, Zid knew only two words in Russian: "yes" and "no." “Back then I learned that Russian people are very kind. Everyone wanted to help me. They told me something, I answered, “Yes”. If the expression of their faces changed, I said, “No”. I will never forget that I was waited for at the railway station at 5 a.m., and it was -10°С! It was so nice, you could feel that the university respects its students” - recollects Zid.

Yang Lifeng, a postgraduate student at the Philology Department of North-Eastern Federal University, first came to Yakutsk on exchange, when he was studying at Qiqihar University in China. After completing his studies in China, he returned to Yakutsk, but already as a student in a master's program at NEFU. Yang wants to become a teacher of Russian, so he chose "Methods of teaching the Russian language" as the object of his postgraduate course.

Bumbanda Pama Gondran Almega is a fourth-year student of Applied Informatics at the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service. He came to us from Congo. After graduating from the bachelor's degree, Bumbanda plans to enter the master's program at VSUES: “I am sure that today science can answer all questions and solve all current problems. The more we accumulate knowledge and information, the more perfect model, aimed at solving specific problems, we can build. In the future, I want my research work to be aimed at helping people, and my qualifications will contribute to this.