ITMO University Olympiad in Engineering Subjects

02 December 2019
ITMO University Olympiad in Engineering Subjects
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Russian-speaking schoolchildren in 7th-11th grades are welcome to participate.

ITMO University will hold the Open Olympiad in informatics and mathematics for prospective undergraduate and specialist students who want to get engineering education at a Russian university. You can participate either in the first online elimination round which will be held from 20 November to 11 December 2019, or in the second from 20 January to 12 February 2020. Register at the university website to receive the link to Olympiad problems. Successful candidates will be admitted to the finals on 14 March (mathematics) and 15 March (informatics) at venues across Russia including Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Samara etc. Candidates can improve their problem solution skills in a training round until 10 March. The 10th-11th grade schoolchildren who win the Olympiad are entitled to admission to undergraduate or specialist programmes with physics or mathematics as majors without entrance examinations.

ITMO University is located in St Petersburg. It offers international applicants many programmes in engineering fields such as applied mathematics and informatics, information systems and technologies, instrument engineering, software engineering, electric power engineering and electrical engineering etc. Use our search tool to browse the programmes.