Leading Russian universities have united to prepare international applicants for entrance exams

12 January 2021
Leading Russian universities have united to prepare international applicants for entrance exams
@RUDN University

Seven universities have joined in a consortium to develop resource centres for Russian education in Mongolia, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan.

The consortium members are tasked to select and prepare talented international applicants for admission to Russian universities and scholarships. The main subjects are physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and the Russian language. Educators are going to help applicants successfully pass the entrance exams, no matter which university they choose.

The consortium includes ETU LETI, RUDN University, NRNU MEPhI, NRU MIPT, RANEPA, Altai State University and NRU MPEI. Their work is part of the extensive federal project "Export of Education". Its goal is to make Russian higher education even more accessible to international applicants and increase the amount of talented young scientists. By 2024, the number of resource centres will increase to 50.

Russian universities are actively investing in projects for the training of international students. Every year, more and more programmes are launched entirely in English. Special prep programmes and entire preparatory departments are developed to help foreign applicants adapt to life in Russia, get acquainted with traditions and culture of the country, and start learning Russian with courses of varying levels and duration. Also, all universities cooperate with international educational centres. This allows students to participate in academic mobility and double degree programmes.

If you want to learn more about Russian education, take part in various events throughout the year without even leaving your home. For example, in December 2020, the online exhibition Time to Study in Russia was held. The participants were showed how to choose an educational programme and what career opportunities future graduates would have. Virtual platforms and webinars were organized to explain the admission rules for the 2021 academic year.

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