Many peoples, one country!

21 October 2019
Many peoples, one country!

Russia will hold the Big Ethnographic Dictation international action.

Russia is home to more than 190 peoples. If you are interested in their history and customs and want to check your knowledge, take part in the Big Ethnographic Dictation. Russian-speaking residents of any country are welcome to write the test on the Big Ethnographic Dictation’s official website from 11:00 to 23:59, local time on 1 - 4 November. Participants have 45 minutes to answer 30 questions devoted to peoples living in Russia. The topics cover Russian ethnic policy, regional culture and traditions, religious beliefs, architecture, folk crafts etc. Correct answers will be published on the dictation website by 10 November; the results will come out by 12 December. The dictation will be held for the fourth time. In 2018, it involved more than 390,000 participants from 76 countries.

You can also check your knowledge of Russian culture on the website anytime. We have prepared for you a test which includes questions about famous people including poets and writers, musicians, artists, film directors etc.