RUDN University Invites You to Get Master's Degree And PhD

02 June 2016
RUDN University Invites You to Get Master's Degree And PhD
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Documents from international prospective students are accepted now.

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia offers to foreigners more than 170 Master's and 100 PhD programmes in various fields of study: from the agricultural sector to a high space technologies. Training takes place in a small groups, this is allowing you to dive deeper into the subject matter.

It is possible to study free of charge (on a budget places funded by the Russian Government), and on a self-funded basis. Documents on budgetary places are accepted till 28 of June, and on a contract basis – till 30 of September 2016.

More than 30 Master's programmes and 6 PhD programmes are available in English, the rest of the programmes are taught in Russian. Those students, who do not speak Russian, can learn it at the preparatory courses for one year.

Besides this, there are Master's programmes of double diplomas and internship programmes: students go abroad to the partner university and study there in the local language (for example, Spanish or French).

More information about the People's Friendship University you can find here.
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