VSU students of different years of study - about life abroad

13 July 2021
VSU students of different years of study - about life abroad

Is Voronezh an international city? Is Voronezh State University an alma mater for students from all over the world? Do the borders between universities, cities and countries remain today? In the era of global integration and tolerance, the heroes who once connected their lives with VSU thought about these issues.

For many foreign students coming to Voronezh, the first place of study is the Institute of International Education of VSU. So, it was with the Parfait Lute Armel. He came to Voronezh in 2002 from the Congo (Central Africa). He has lived in Russia for almost ten years. After finishing his studies, Parfait left to France. He remembers with gratitude the teachers from the Institute of International Education of VSU, who helped him to realize himself and did not get lost in a foreign country.

Divin Niambi came to Voronezh from the Congo in 2012. Seven years spent in Voronezh, Divin considers the best in her life: talks at the city sites, University, friends...and so on. "The recent years in Voronezh, were the most difficult and sad for me”, - says Divin, – “It was hard to leave the city that became my home." Today Divin lives in France, studying at the University of Paris and works. She says that if there were no covid, she would be in Russia now.

Konstantin Nchama Bakale Okomo came from Equatorial Guinea to Voronezh in 2014. Now she is completing a master's degree at the Faculty of Journalism of VSU. "My living in Voronezh over the years helped me to understand how to live with people of other nationalities." – says Konstantina. The first years was complicated, but Constantina admitted that living in a foreign country is one of the best periods of her life.

Nina Bryantseva graduated from the Bachelor's degree in Journalism at VSU in 2019 and entered the Master's program at the University of Tartu in Estonia. While studying at the Voronezh journalism faculty, she managed to work not only in local newspapers, but also at a nuclear power plant, and as a conductor on trains... It was not a part-time job or work on a diploma, but an effort to try new things – to find herself.