Support of International Students

Each one of our teachers, researchers, employees and students strive to build the best possible educational and socio-cultural environment in our University. In addition, our task is to ensure a well-functioning infrastructure for the adaptation process of international students. 

The International Student Union, which is part of the International Academic Mobility Department (IAMD), is responsible for resolving any and all issues related to the accommodation and instruction of international students. We offer assistance to enrollees during the MISIS admissions process and during their studies, including the preparation and execution of the necessary documents, medical insurance for each international student, and support for the other numerous questions they have about their daily life. We also support international students during their graduation year. Issues of social and psychological support and the adaptation of students from abroad throughout their entire course of study are of crucial significance for MISIS. 

In MISIS, all of these issues are handled by the International Friendship Club, the largest club in the University, with over 500 students united by a common idea! Along with permanent IFC members, the club also reaches out to volunteers. As soon as an international student arrives in Moscow, they immediately receive assistance with accommodations in the dormitory, the execution of documents (registration in the Russian Federation, scholarship card, etc.) and are also offered public transportation maps and help with any other issues. IFC members truly care for international students on a regular basis, which favorably affects their studies and progress.

Modern education is impossible without online instruction and informational material up to date with the latest standards. These include learning aids in Russian and many other foreign languages on the subjects and disciplines required for study in MISIS that are collected together in an electronic library. In addition, international students receive a list of useful websites with information on the academic program and on interesting events in Moscow and the University's own activities. We provide each international student with the International Student Handbook in Russian and English, which is compiled by MISIS IAMD employees and updated on a regular basis. 

MISIS students establish communities that participate in the resolution of various issues regarding academics and life at the University and answer the everyday/leisure questions of students actively and on a regular basis. 

Everyday Life of International Students

We are extremely proud of MISIS student campuses, which are only 10-20 minutes by metro from academic buildings. The modern dormitory buildings are structured by units, and the rooms are designed for 1 person (post-graduate) or for 2-3 persons.

The dormitories feature high-speed Internet access, computer and reading rooms, a swimming pool, athletic facilities, a barber shop, and laundry rooms. The 60-seat cafeteria with high-quality and inexpensive meals is open all day long. There is also a MISIS health and recreation resort with a pharmacy and dentist office in the Metallurgy complex, which has won the title of Best Student Dormitory in Moscow three years running.

Our master's and doctoral students live in the House of the Commune, a reconstructed monument of the Constructivism epoch.

Leisure and Sport Events

Campus life at MISIS includes daily activities with the active engagement of international students.

MISIS has a variety of student clubs that unite cinema lovers with students interested in improving their knowledge of foreign languages or just students who want to meet new and interesting people in their free time. Of particular note are the discussion clubs sponsored by IFC and other student associations, where students hold debates on various issues in modern life, receive information about events going on at the University, and get to know one another better. Students can also learn more about these meetings and other club events on social media.

International students are always interested in learning more about Moscow and other regions of Russia, so we organize regular trips within and outside the capital for them. 
A game of skill by the name of "Brain Ring" held by the IFC is particularly popular in the University. It unites teams of six people grouped by nationality. These types of intellectual games are excellent training for the development of critical thinking skills and resourcefulness, which are necessary when studying at a university. International students also like to play the "UN Simulation" role playing game together with the Russian students at MISIS and other higher educational institutions in Moscow, where young people act as representatives of the main bodies of the world's leading organizations.

This has been proven to develop communication and public speaking skills. 
The Day of Nationalities, which is held annually in April, is the highest point of international unity among our students. Students gather together to dance national dances on the square in front of the University, taste food from the various cultures, and in the evening enjoy a celebratory holiday concert.

It is impossible to imagine university life without sports. Every year we organize the Spartakiade Games with competitions in popular youth sports, including soccer, boxing, and swimming. There are 10-15 teams in the University based on nationality, so sports help contribute to the consolidation of representatives of different nationalities. The team that wins the overall competition receives honorary awards.