Preparatory Department for International Applicants

Preparatory department for Bachelor's programmes

The MISIS National University of Science and Technology always welcomes new students from abroad. For this reason, the University recently founded the Preparatory Department as part of the Pre-University Training and Admission Center. Its staff specializes in ensuring comprehensive training for foreign citizens entering different branch-specific programs at our University. 

The training program for applicants from neighboring CIS countries (period of study: 7 months) includes the subjects required for their further university success: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and the Russian language.

Other international applicants complete 1-1.5 years of training in various subject areas, including the natural sciences, engineering and technical sciences, technology, and economics.

All lessons are held by MISIS instructors.

All preparatory course students live in the University dormitories.

Other types of training

NUST MISIS has a preparatory department for international applicants.