International Students Dormitories

Is there a dormitory for international students at the university? The university has 10 dormitories, where international students live either with their compatriots or with Russian students.
Is the dormitory far from academic buildings? The dormitories are either in the vicinity of the academic buildings or in 15-20 minutes bus ride.
How many people live in one room? Each room accommodates 2-3 people.
Where are the facilities situated (shower, WC)? Shared toilets are on every floor, shower rooms are on the first floor.
Where is the kitchen situated? Is it equipped with home appliances and utensils The kitchens are on every floor. The kitchens are fitted with electric stoves.
What does university provide for students when they move in? At their arrival students are provided with bed sheets (changed once in a week), a mattress, a blanket, and a pillow. The rooms are furnished (beds, tables, bed stands, chairs). The dormitories have laundromats.
Is there Wi-Fi at the dormitory? There is free access to Wi-Fi in the halls of the dormitories. It is possible to connect your room to the Internet.
Does the dorm building have additional facilities? The dormitories have laundry rooms, lounges, sports and fitness gyms, classrooms and assembly halls.
What is the monthly fee for dormitory? Accommodation in a dormitory costs from 500 to 1000 rubles per month depending on the type of the dormitory.