Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture is one of the leading agricultural faculties in the North-West of Russia that trains specialists in the fields of agriculture, fish breeding, farming, as well as engineering and technical support of food manufacturing industries. The graduates of the faculty have good academic and practical training in their respective fields, and they are taught how to work in teams at production facilities. Many of them become the heads of sizable enterprises, and some even hold key positions at federal departments.

Faculty of Ecology and Biology

The Faculty of Ecology and Biology is widely recognized in the sphere due to its highly qualified academic staff. Besides that the Faculty is well-known outside Karelia for its outstanding graduates. It suffices to say that the Faculty is headed by the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences Ernest Ivanter. More than half of the professors of the departments are the Doctors of Sciences, and it is one of the most qualified faculties of PetrSU. The students are trained in standard specialties of biology and ecology following the two-tiered system of the Bachelor and the Master Degrees. The students have an amazing opportunity to study and practice at the biological stations and botanical gardens of unique nature of Karelia and other regions, travel abroad and visit the universities of Finland, Norway, Vietnam and other countries in the framework of exchange programs.

Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics, initially a department of accounting of the Faculty of Physics and Technology, was founded in the middle of the 70s as a response to the increased need for the national economy in specialists of economics. It also was established to improve scientific and guidance support of the economic courses at engineering faculties.

Today the independent Faculty of Economics has proved that it offers a high level of training of the specialists for various fields of industries in the region. The Faculty has already and is continuing to make a significant contribution to the improvement of economic training of the students of the faculties of forestry, engineering and agriculture, and the newly created Institute of Forestry, Engineering and Construction Sciences. The academic staff and the postgraduates of the Faculty do applied research for the government and the enterprises of the region, as well as do joint research work with the Institute of Economics of the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is a relatively new faculty as it started its history in 1994. Nevertheless, the Faculty’s achievements and research have already been recognized. Now the Faculty has six departments, its own library, a law clinic, a fully equipped forensic office, the Ecological and Legal Center that is very popular among civic activists, and the Center for Comparative Public Studies.

The modern information technologies bring significant changes to the theory and practice of training and work of lawyers, and that is being taken in consideration at the Faculty, especially in teaching the international law. The legal students do practical training at practicing courts in Karelia and Russia, such as the Constitutional Court, the Commercial Court, the Supreme and other courts, at the Ministry of Interior Affairs, prosecutor’s office, etc. The Faculty has wide connections with foreign universities and organizations that result in implementation of joint law projects.

Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies

The Faculty of Mathematics is one the first faculties of the university. In 2015 it was renamed as the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies reflecting the transformation of the education content. While preserving the extensive academic training in the field of mathematics, the Faculty introduced into the study programs a handful of modern information applied courses that enable the graduates to pursue careers in engineering and manufacturing, organization and management, as well as research. Besides that, the graduates of the Faculty have a good training in psychology and education, so they can become university teachers.

Faculty of Mining and Geology

The Faculty of Mining and Geology offers higher education closely connected to mining industry, one of the most important lines of economic development of the region. Primarily, the faculty trains mining engineers and geologists. The Faculty has extensive laboratory facilities and trains geophysicists who focus on studying the fundamental Earth sciences. The Faculty of Mining and Geology, originally one of the first faculties of Petrozavodsk State University, has trained of the scientists who have played the key role in creation of the Institute of Geology of the Karelian Research Center. Today, the Faculty of Mining and Geology is renovated and continues to develop the training of specialists in close cooperation with research centers. The graduates of the Faculty are in high demand in the region as they are qualified for physical prospecting and therefore are responsible for the development of metal mining industry in the North of Russia.

Faculty of Philology

The uniqueness of the Faculty of Philology of Petrozavodsk State University is that it has not only the programs on traditional Russian philology, but it also offers degrees in foreign philology (English, Germanic, French, Swedish), as well as classical philology. Besides that, some students learn the language and the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Russian North: the Karelians, the Veps, and the Finns. Recently, much attention has been given to training journalists. The students receive a good training in psychology and education and can pursue careers in education. The researchers and postgraduates of the Faculty conduct research work, including joint research with the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science.

Faculty of Physics and Technology

The Faculty of Physics and Technology is a prime example of dynamic development of the university that not only tries to keep up with the progress of science and technology in the country, but is striving to be one step ahead by teaching its students the fundamental physics and the skills required for lifelong professional development and self-education. Specifically for the Faculty of Physics and Technology the university has build a new academic building and laboratories in a separate campus that meets the European standards. The campus has classrooms, study and research laboratories, a library, computer classes; it also provides the students with a nice canteen, a comfortable dormitory, a sports and health center, and even an indoor swimming pool.

The graduates of the Faculty of Physics and Technology work at industries and research institutions in Russia and abroad. Alongside the main specialty, the graduates receive good psychological and education training and therefore can teach at universities, while some successfully work at secondary schools.

Institute of Foreign Languages

The Institute of Foreign Languages has become a part of the university after the Karelian Pedagogic Academy had been merged with PetrSU. The Institute offers high professional training and has a dedicated and highly qualified academic staff, so it guarantees education on a par with the leading language universities of the country. The students of the Institute have an opportunity to study in the countries of the learned languages. Studying abroad and systematic scientific and methodological work help to sustain the achieved level of education. The instructors of the faculty use modern education technologies and teaching methods, including distance courses. The students are taught a substantial number of courses on psychology and education, do practical training at schools. That allows the graduates to pursue careers as teachers at schools and universities.

Institute of Forestry, Engineering and Construction Sciences

The Institute of Forestry, Engineering and Construction Sciences was created in 2015 on the basis of the Faculties of Forestry and Construction. The Institute trains specialists in the areas that are particularly relevant to the region: Construction, Technological machines and equipment, Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Logging and Timber Processing Technologies. The Masters (duration of studies is 2 years) take courses on Technological Machines and Equipment.

What do the students of the Institute study? The teachers of the Institute pay great attention to studying modern computer-aided production engineering systems, relevant technologies of factory management, achievements in the field of process control optimization, forestry, construction, and modern equipment operation. Many graduates of the Institute of Forestry, Engineering and Construction Sciences, being specialists in the above mentioned fields, have become the directors of the large enterprises and engineering companies of Karelia.

Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences

In 2015 the Faculty of History of PetrSU (one of the oldest at the university) was united with the relatively new Faculty of Political and Social Sciences and that led to creation of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences. As a result, the Institute offers a number of closely connected programs such as History, Document and Archive Science, History and Social Studies, Political Science, International Relations, Social Studies, Social Work.

The Institute’s big advantage is that alongside basic courses (the History of Russia, the World History) the students have an opportunity to study multiple areas and problems of history, archeology, ethnography, culture and politics of Northern Europe, international relations. Another important factor is that the Institute regularly holds lectures read by visiting professors from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and foreign research and education centers. Besides that, almost all the education programs include foreign language courses (English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish), as well as psychological and educational disciplines. Educational practices give students opportunity to pursue teacher careers at schools and universities upon their graduation.

Institute of Medicine

One cannot overestimate the contribution of the Faculty of Medicine, since 2015 the Institute of Medicine, to the development of health care in the North of Russia, Karelia and the Murmask region. During the years it has trained almost ten thousand doctors and pharmacists, many of them have became outstanding authorities and the heads of medical and other institutions of public health care.

At the Institute of Medicine, the students can choose from three specialties: General Medicine, Pediatrics and Pharmaceutical Science.

The students do practical training at the medical treatment facilities and the pharmacies of the region. Training doctors is a long-term and complicated process, as people trust the graduates their health and even life. At the first stage of undergraduate studies the students are taught a wide range of general and special medical disciplines. Then the students can carry out internship, complete clinical residency, study for a postgraduate degree, and attend courses at the Faculty of Improvement of Professional Skills. All these opportunities provide high level of training and make graduate doctors and pharmacists qualified to confidently start working with patients on any positions in the healthcare system.

Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology

The Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology was created after the Karelian Pedagogic Academy was merged with PetrSU in 2013. It is the center of educational training of specialists for general education system of the region. The Institute has preserved its best qualities and added new opportunities of research and methodological work as a part of and in traditions of classic university. The Institute offers the Bachelor and the Master Degree Programs. The specialties are Teacher Education, Psychology and Teacher Education, Special (Defectologic) Education. Besides that, the Institute has a 5-year long program for the Specialist Degree in Police Psychology designed to train the specialists for the law enforcement authorities.

Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism

The Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism was established in 2014 as a result of the merger between the Karelian Pedagogic Academy and the Department of Physical Education and Sports of PetrSU. Now the Institute holds one of the leading positions in training highly qualified specialists of healthy lifestyle, physical education, sports, tourism, as well as life and safety. For many years the Institute has been cooperating with similar foreign educational institutions, for example in Juvaskyla, Joensuu, Kajaani (Finland). These international ties give the students and the teachers of the Institute opportunity to exchange knowledge, teaching methods, training programs, do joint research, trainings, hold conferences and other events. The students of the Institute have repeatedly shown the highest results at various competitions, the All-Russian Student Games, the International contests of different levels.

Many graduates have become well-known coaches, physical education teachers at schools and universities.