Support of International Students

Employees from the international students office:

  • Meet students at the airport or train station upon arrival;
  • Help with accommodation, registration with the migration service and arranging a health insurance policy;
  • Help with accommodation, registration with the migration service and arranging a health insurance policy.

TSU has the TSU Online volunteer initiative and supervisory institute. Volunteers and supervisors from among the university's employees and students help international students adapt to living and studying in Russia, and organise sporting and cultural events.

Everyday Life of International Students

The TSU dormitories are located in the comfortable 17-storey Parus complex within walking distance of educational buildings. Students are accommodated in double rooms (with a shared bathroom and toilet). Kitchens with electric hot plates and refrigerators are equipped separately. On each floor there is a business area, including dance rooms, a ballet classroom, conference room, cinema, a music room and exhibition space.

In addition, the dormitory has a laundry (washing machines, drying room), a gym and classrooms.

Leisure and Sport Events

TSU regularly holds events that facilitate the integration of international students into the single university community:

  • Days of foreign culture;
  • Days of foreign culture;
  • Mr and Miss TSU;
  • All-Russian online festival dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (for those learning Russian as a foreign language);
  • Ethnoforum, National Cuisine, Lingvofestival, etc. ;
  • Themed meetings at the Confucius Institute.

Various clubs have been established at TSU, including clubs for athletics and dance (Twist, Zerkalo, Zhemchuzhina), hockey and chess, mountain tourism and Alpclub, etc.

TSU also holds it own Olympics. Top athletes also have the opportunity to learn to scuba dive.

In addition, students play an active role in numerous student associations: Allied Union of Students, the Russian-German Youth Association Jugendblick, the TSU Park of Sociohumanitarian Technologies, Primary Trade Union Organisation of TSU Students, the Institute of Supervisors, Enactus TSU team, volunteer clubs Initiative and Univol, TSU–Online.

Employment of International Graduates

For employment of foreign graduates, TSU cooperates with many international companies, including Daimler-Benz AG, Schlumberger, PwC, KPMG, EY, Deloitte. The coordination of interaction between students and employers is a sphere of responsibility of the TSU Centre of Graduate Affairs, and the Department of Internships and Employment.