Iternational students testimonials

Botir Begimkulov, Uzbekistan

"Students’ life at the university is very eventful

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Shreya Salvi, India

"In the dormitory we have free internet and laundry"

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Sebastian Sativa, Columbia

"Yes, it is cold in Siberia, but the nature is absolutely beautiful!"

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Manuel Gomez Peinado, Spain

"I want to stay in Russia and teach at the university"

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Ariadna Llopis Almarcha, Spain

"The people living in Russia are as friendly as in Spain"

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Gulnara Khodzhiyeva, Turkmenistan

"My friends recommended the university to me; they got quality education here"

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Al Uleimat Adnan Amer Ahmed, Jordan

"I got a scholarship and came to Russia to study"

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Alkhalaf Ahmad, Syria

"Accommodation and living costs in Russia are minimal"

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Alhamra Mohanad, Iraq

"There are friendly people in Siberia; I feel comfortable with them; I’ve found lots of friends"

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Milos Duric, Serbia

"There’s everything you need to get quality education"

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Rashon Chaihakan, Thailand

"I chose the university on recommendations of my friends who were happy with their studies here"

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Bikram Baruti, India

"Study here is fascinating, but there is a lot of interesting things besides lectures"

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Walid Abdul Karim Dayani, Cameroon

"There is a multicultural environment convenient for study at the university"

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Al Alawin Hamdi, Jordan

"I had internship at an operating nuclear power plant"

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Paramita Pal, India

"In Russia, I have got knowledge and great experience"

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Adisa Saheed Bayonle, Nigeria

"After two years of life in Moscow, I feel myself Russian"

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Tribikram Choudhury, India

"Professors here have deep knowledge about nuclear science"

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Dominic Ikemefuna Ezemenaka, Nigeria

"University dormitory has world-class facilities"

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Ochir Battulga, Mongolia

"Of course, I felt homesick but my training was worth staying away from my family"

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Gabriel Lubo, Democratic Republic of the Congo

"Students have the opportunity to make friends with people from different countries"

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