Iternational students testimonials

Amar Kumar Sahadev Ram, India

"Russian food is very delicious, especially salads"

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Christian Sierra, Columbia

"I will never forget the first time I saw snow, it was amazing"

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Josef Biednarzic, Czech Republic

"Russian and Czech people are much alike, our languages and way of thinking are similar"

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Semiyou Osseni, Benin

"University staff met me at the airport and took to the hotel"

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Gabriel Katsuyuki Noda, Brazil

"Russia is hardly the first study option for Brazilian, but I’m enjoying my experience here"

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Zhang Haochen, China

"The best choice for those who want to study mathematics and physics"

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Carla Forneri, France

"It’s probably the most fulfilling year of studies I had so far"

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Carlos Beymunt, Spain

" It’s not hard to adapt in Russia especially if you have a good company"

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Dale Unser, Republic of South Africa

"Tuition and accommodation fees are not very high"

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Ke Haishan, China

"This programme is created under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization"

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Gabriel Jimenez, Salvador

"It is not easy to study here, but you will get a high-quality education"

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Uvindu Wijeweera, Sri Lanka

"There were many books by Russian writers in my parents' house"

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Demetrio Atanasov, Bulgaria

"Anatomy and Biology are being taught by world-class teachers"

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Anzhelika Schetina, Latvia

"I feel comfortable here, I like the city and people"

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Martina Arabadzhieva, Bulgaria

"I hold Russian culture and architecture close to my heart"

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Jacob Berakdar, Syria

"I like Russia for the opportunities this country offers"

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Rodrigo Sanchez, Guatemala

"You can walk from the university to the city center "

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Sedric Nana, Cameroon

"Professors are closer to me in the study process than I expected"

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Sergio Navarro Berlanga, Mexico

"If you know how to play guitar, be sure to take one with you! You'll become part of the crowd"

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Mohit Saravana Perumal, India

"It is very interesting to study: we have tremendous teachers and a friendly warm atmosphere on the course"

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