Iternational students testimonials

Sedric Nana, Cameroon

"Professors are closer to me in the study process than I expected"

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Sergio Navarro Berlanga, Mexico

"If you know how to play guitar, be sure to take one with you! You'll become part of the crowd"

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Mohit Saravana Perumal, India

"It is very interesting to study: we have tremendous teachers and a friendly warm atmosphere on the course"

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Jigisha Agarwal, India

"I was amazed by the modern beautiful campus, a real student town"

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Feyzullah Hadisov, Azerbaijan

"I know that progress and research in Cyber Security is strong in Russia"

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Nelson Elias Salinas Bustillo, Honduras

"I love St Petersburg, I love every building I see and how historical it is"

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Alexander Arabadjiev, USA

"I like to see new places, that's why I came to Russia for an exchange semester"

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Nguyen Thanh Lam, Vietnam

"I live just two steps away from the university in a modern dormitory"

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Putri Sekar Ningrum, Indonesia

"I live in a dormitory, but it is practically a hotel! "

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Joen Ann Wengler, India

"I feel that medicine is my calling"

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Inbasagaran Kathirvel, India

"Almost all classmates are my compatriots"

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Adven Masih, Pakistan

"I knew nothing about Russia except the fact that Russians are very good at Mathematics"

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Amantur Amatov, Kyrgyzstan

"I had a handful of choices, like going to Germany, for example, but I chose Russia"

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Batsaikhan Uugantsetseg, Mongolia

"Going to a Russian university is a family tradition"

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Burentogtokh Bolormaa, Mongolia

"Russia’s expanse and long history are world known, that’s why I am here"

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Francy Natalia Gómez Arce, Columbia

"I have adopted some local traditions, for example I really fell in love with borshch"

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Valentín Fernando Bermúdez, Nicaragua

"I wished to swim after classes, so it's turned out to be"

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Andre Pavira, Indonesia

"The university has a chic campus on the beach"

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Joseph Donkor Appiah, Ghana

"I believe that Russia is one of the best countries for engineering education"

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Enbadurai Lyadurai, Malaysia

"The cost of medical education in Russia is lower than in my country"

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