40 Students from 12 Countries Have Come to FEFU Summer School

29 August 2016
40 Students from 12 Countries Have Come to FEFU Summer School

They will study Russian language, culture and politics.

This summer young people from around the world have come to the crash course in Russian to learn more about Russia. Japan and Germany are the two best represented countries, followed by China, Korea, Columbia, Spain, France, Austria and other states.

For three weeks, FEFU faculty will explore Russian traditions and regional differences with the students of Russia-Far East Summer School. Participants will also take a crash course in Russian. Two short education programs will be run in parallel: Russian Language and Culture, and Northeastern Asia: Russian Domestic and Foreign Policy.

Besides lectures and workshops, students will have a multitude of master classes, exposure to Russian cuisine, arts and crafts, and sightseeing trips. They have already had a tour of Vladivostok, next on their itinerary are a boat cruise, a visit to an Ussuri park and a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

Russian universities run summer camps every year, applications for such short programs are usually accepted in spring. Find more information here.

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