55 Russian Universities Are in QS BRICS 2016

20 July 2016
55 Russian Universities Are in QS BRICS 2016

Nineteen of them are among the first hundred.

Experts have compared 421 universities, 97 of them were from Russia, and more than half of them are in the QS BRICS ranking now. In total 55 Russian universities are in the top 250.

Best result was shown by MSU (7th place), SPSU and NSU (shared 20th place). This Russian universities are at the top 100: TSU (43th place), MIPT (48th place), MEPhI (50th place), SPbPU (61th plase), HSE (62th place), TPU (64th place), KFU (74th place), UrFU (78th place), MISiS (87th place), FEFU (94th place) and RUDN University (99th place).

TSU, MEPhIHSEMISiSFEFU improved their results compared with the last year. But the most significant breakthrough was made by Lobachevsky University, it has risen by 10 positions and now occupies 76th place.

QS BRICS ranking based on 8 indicators, by some of them our country has leading position. For example, 3 Russian universities (RUDN UniversityTPU and TUSUR) received the highest result in the 'International students' category and 4 (RCTU, Lobachevsky University, SPSU, MSU) are the best in the 'Faculty stuff whith PhD' category. 27 universities received 80 points and more in the 'Ratio of faculty stuff and students' category.

More information about positions of Russian universities in the world university rankings you can find here.
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