Academic Year Begins at FEFU Branch in Japan

18 April 2018
Academic Year Begins at FEFU Branch in Japan

A solemn student initiation ceremony was held for 20 freshers.

Classes began at the Far Eastern Federal University branch in the Japanese town of Hakodate, Hokkaido for 20 Japanese first-years who will pursue Russian language and regional studies. The curriculum includes Russian, literature, culture, Russian history, geography, philosophy and the science of translation. The students will have an opportunity to take an internship in Russia.

FEFU is the only Russian university which has a mission in Japan. The Hakodate branch is both an education institution and a cultural centre set to strengthen partnership with Japan and promote the Russian language and culture. Established in 1994, it has trained more than 1,000 specialists in Russian and regional studies since. The teachers are ethnic Russians and Japanese. The FEFU branch is currently providing quality training to some 70 Japanese students who show good results at annual Russian language contests in Japan.

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