Applications Open for SibFU Summer School

20 June 2018
Applications Open for SibFU Summer School
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The university invites international students to take a free English medium course in business engineering.

Siberian Federal University School of Business Management and Economics will run international summer school “Digital transformation management” in the city of Krasnoyarsk on 2-11 August. To apply, fill in the registration form by 10 July 2018. Selection results will be emailed to the candidate by 13 July. Foreign nationals pay transport and visa costs and enjoy free tuition, board and accommodation.

The school targets foreign universities students studying economics and IT management in mechanical engineering, power engineering, transport, oil and gas, metallurgy etc as well as prospective business people and executives. This is English-taught course so it requires at least the intermediate English language proficiency level. Students will be introduced to modern methods and systems of digital business management and new dedicated software, acquire teamwork skills and take part in creating joint projects in the school focus area. The programme includes teaming up practice and master classes in digital management. The SibFU summer school is an excellent opportunity to socialise with representatives of different countries, learn more about Russian culture and visit scenic places in Russia. Tours of the Stolby nature reserve and the Ovsyanka village, the birth place of well-known Russian writer Viktor Astafyev will be arranged for the participants.

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