FEFU Winter School: Russian Language, Crepes and Nesting Dolls

21 January 2020
FEFU Winter School: Russian Language, Crepes and Nesting Dolls

Chinese schoolchildren stayed a week at a Russian university.

Twenty-four pupils from Chinese schools walked around the FEFU campus, talked with students and had Russian language and culture classes. University staff took them on a guided tour to show FEFU infrastructure, from the library to the teaching blocks with modern lecture halls. The schoolchildren also appreciated the dormitory, one of the best in Russia. The entertainment programme included a master class in matryoshka (nesting doll) painting. Some schoolchildren creatively applied Russian patterns and some the Chinese “wealth” and “well-being” hieroglyphs to produce the souvenirs to remember their visit to Russia by. At the master class in cooking, university dining hall chefs taught them to make bliny (crepes), a famous Russian dish. Interestingly, it was the boys who volunteered to cook, while the girls preferred to sample. The winter school participants liked both the study and the result. They were happy with Russian language classes, lectures and the games to memorise Russian words. Impressed by the university, beautiful scenery and people, several winter school participants decided to apply to FEFU.

Far Eastern Federal University is an active promoter of Russian-Chinese relations. The university cooperates with 50 state-owned and private Chinese education centres, research institutes, government organisations and foundations. It provides training to some 1,500 Chinese students on undergraduate, graduate and supplementary education programmes. Find more information about the university here.