Foreign Nationals Can Take MIPT Entrance Exams Online

20 August 2019
Foreign Nationals Can Take MIPT Entrance Exams Online

The option is available to prospective self-funded students.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology offers international undergraduate, graduate and PhD applicants to take entrance tests online from 26 August to 26 September 2019 according to the schedule published on the university website. Technical requirements: computer or notebook, stable 10mb/s internet, Google Chrome 72+, Microsoft Edge 17+ or Mozilla Firefox 66+, 0.5 megapixel, 25 fps webcam and a microphone. To get the link to the problems, the applicant has to register on the MIPT Admissions Board website, send scans of their passport and education document with the transcript, go to the test page and select the examinations. For example, applicants for an English medium programme in Aerospace Engineering have to take examinations in mathematics, physics and English. The result will be available within 14 days from the examination date.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is a prestigious Russian university which trains specialists in mathematics, physics and cognate disciplines. Training is provided in Russian and English. MIPT has three undergraduate English-taught programmes (Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering), ten masters programmes (Bioinformatics for Industry, Cyber Security, Master in Digital Transformation etc) and ten PhD programmes (Mathematics and Mechanics, Chemical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Aviation and Space Technology etc.) Tuition fees range from 290,000 to 435,000 rubles ($4,462 - $6,692) a year. Use the search tool on our website to see the complete list of programmes and precise fees.

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