HSE International Olympiad Registration Open

12 September 2017 HSE International Olympiad Registration Open © HSE University

Registration deadline is 10 October 2017

HSE holds the International Youth Olympiad in CIS countries, Baltic states, Europe, Asia and the USA. Prospective students in Romania and Greece will try their hand at HSE competition in various disciplines for the first time this year.

Registration for the 5th Youth Olympiad is open to foreign citizens, stateless persons and Russian citizens living abroad (8-12th grade students at secondary schools, educational institutions graduates and foreign universities students). The participants must be under 30 years of age.

The disciplines covered by the Olympiad include Philology, Cultural Studies, History, Modern Politics, Philosophy, Journalism, Social Sciences, Psychology, Advertising and Public Relations and Mathematics. The competition is held in Russian and requires the participants’ attendance, except for Design to be conducted online.

The participation is free of charge; the winners can use the advantage of their Olympiad score when enrolling for HSE undergraduate programmes. The venues and dates of the competition are available on HSE International Youth Olympiad website. Participants are offered to register on the website and make use of recommended materials to prepare for the contest.


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