HSE University Launches Online Internships for International Applicants

29 December 2020
HSE University Launches Online Internships for International Applicants

The online project of the National Research University Higher School of Economics Study Tour Experience is a new educational solution in light of the pandemic restrictions.

Study Tour Experience is a unique opportunity to complete a week-long internship and assess the quality of university programmes without leaving your home: classes are held online via Zoom or MS Teams.

Previously, the internships were held within the university walls and were intended for bachelor students in Russia. Now Study Tour Experience is available to everyone who wants to enrol in a master's programme. In the future, bachelor applicants will be able to join the project as well.

The internship is free; to participate, you must submit an application and portfolio on time, and then go through a competitive selection and interview. You can choose one of 8 areas of education: "Finance, Economics and Data Analysis", "Business and Management", "World Economy and Politics", “Social and Political Sciences”, “Psychology and Cognitive Sciences”, "Finance and Law", "Marketing and Communications", “History and Culture”.

The first internship round took place in November and brought together 75 people from 35 countries: China, India, Italy, Guatemala, Ecuador and many others. According to the participants' feedback, it was an excellent opportunity to gain new experience and access ​the programmes and the general level of education of the university.

The project will run till April 2021. The next Study Tour is scheduled for February 15-20, applications are accepted from January 18 to February 8, 2021.

HSE University offers over 300 programmes in economics and management, law, political science, computer science and computing. You can choose one or several of them right now. To do this, just register on our website and send an application for free.