International educational community opened at Samara Polytechnic University

25 March 2022
International educational community opened at Samara Polytechnic University
@Samara Polytech

‘StudyBuddies’ is an international educational community initiated by first-year students at the Institute of Engineering, Economics and Humanities, who specialize in Pedagogical Education.

The association is going to become a platform where students could find like-minded friends, similarly interested in making the profession of a teacher more popular and prestigious, and also exchange educational experience with students fr om other countries.

The opening of the educational community was supported by Evgeny Frank, Vice-Rector for Human Resources Development. He believes that communication between students from all over the world and opportunities to discuss topical and interesting issues will help build cultural bridges and expand friendly relations between the countries.

‘StudyBuddies’ began its work at the end of February. From February 28 to March 4, the first major event took place at Samara Polytechnic University: the Winter School of Russian as a Foreign Language, called “Wide Shrovetide”, was held on these days.

Our academics and students helped boys and girls from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries learn the basics of Russian during master classes, introduced to them traditions of the Polytechnic University and the sights of Samara region,” ― explained Yulia Lopukhova, the head of the department “Pedagogy, Intercultural Communication, and Russian as a Foreign Language”.

As part of the X International Presentations Competition, ‘StudyBuddies’ participants plan to hold a series of meetings with foreign students, wh ere issues of personal growth and professional development will be discussed.