International Propulsion School Was Held at Samara University

05 December 2016
International Propulsion School Was Held at Samara University
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Nine students from Germany took part in the short course.

They all came from the University of Stuttgart where they are enrolled in a Bachelor programme at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy. Admission criteria to the Russian international school were stringent, there were 9 applications per every spot in the course. So only the very best applicants came to Samara.

The 120-hour course comprised both lectures and workshops. The students modified aviation engine designs and presented a group project. The course included computer-aided design and exploration of real propulsion systems in the Center of Aviation Engine History. This was very intresting, because they don’t get to play with real engines at their alma mater and their course only covers lectures and standardized tasks, the students shared. But Samara University provided opportunities for hands-on experience as well as advice from the course leaders during their project work.

 International students in Samara enjoyed both the fascinating studies and entertainment. They had a BBQ party in the countryside, visited an opera, Stalin’s Bunker, Space Samara Museum and AvtoVAZ Museum of Technology where they took in military and civil vehicles. Overall, International School students enjoyed their time at Samara University, several of them intend to enroll in a Master programme there after graduation from Stuttgart University.
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