International Students Get Degree in Nuclear Physics

16 March 2018
International Students Get Degree in Nuclear Physics

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Obninsk branch, held a graduation ceremony.

One hundred and seventy-three students, including 99 foreigners successfully completed the specialist’s degree programme in Nuclear Power Plants Design, Operation and Engineering. Sixty-two foreign nationals are from Vietnam, 35 from Turkey and two from Mongolia. It is the first ever MEPhI graduation for representatives of Turkey and Mongolia and the second for students from Vietnam. Plaques were unveiled in the MEPhI Friendship Hall in honour of the 1st generation nuclear physicists from Mongolia and Turkey who got Russian certificates of graduation. A show prepared by student performance groups followed. Among the guests were Vietnamese, Mongolian and Turkey Embassy officials as well as their colleagues from Zambia and Jordan whose students study at the university. Rosatom State Corporation Director General Alexey Likhachev congratulated the graduates who said they were happy to have completed their studies at a Russian university. They got a sought-after profession and became proficient in Russian. Some of the young people have already made plans for the future. Le Hien of Vietnam said that he would seek a position at the Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant while Eyup Yaramaz of Turkey said he wanted to work at the Akkuyu NPP.

National Research Nuclear University MEPhI is a top Russian university which trains nuclear industry specialists. Nuclear physics programmes are in great demand with international prospective students; however there are other sought-after fields such as IT, instrument engineering, nanomaterials, medical physics and biophysics. MEPhI offers Russian and English-taught programmes. Students get a good theoretical grounding and have internships at modern laboratories and research centres. Research opportunities are available beginning from the third year. In 2017, MEPhI had more than 1,500 international students.

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