KFU Preparatory Department Future Doctors Intake

23 November 2018
KFU Preparatory Department Future Doctors Intake

Applications are open till 15 December 2018.

The Kazan Federal Universities Preparatory Department is launching a new programme in English for prospective international students who plan to get medical education at Russian university. Period of training: 4 February – 23 June 2019. Students learn medical terms in English, basic Russian (which is a must for foreigners living in Russia) and career-oriented subjects: chemistry and biology. The programme includes a course in professional communication in health care. The students who pass the examinations at the end of the course get state-recognised pre-university training certificates and are eligible to apply for a KFU English-taught specialist programme in medicine. Candidates are required to pass examinations in chemistry, biology and English.

Prospective Preparatory Department students have to fill out an application form on the university website and attach a copy of passport and education certificates with notarised translation into Russian, as well as documented confirmation of financial resources. Tuition fee is 86,000 rubles ($1,320).

KFU offers two English medium specialist programmes: General Medicine and Dentistry. Graduates can pursue further education as PhD or internship students.

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