MIPT Became One of the Best World Universities with “International Reputation”

20 February 2017
MIPT Became One of the Best World Universities with “International Reputation”

Here are the results of the research commissioned by Times Higher Education.

It is the first time when the list of 150 the most international universities of the world was added by two Russian universities – Lomonosov MSU which took the 104th position and MIPT which took the 126th. Experts evaluate only educational institutions from top-500 of THE global ranking.

Internationality leaders are five British universities, two Swiss ones, as well as universities of Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. The research authors took into account four criteria: the number of professors and students from foreign countries, the number of scientific publications which international teams worked at, and university reputation in the world. The last criterion has been used since 2017.

Director of MIPT Center of International Cooperation Anna Shornikova thinks that the university has shown such a high result due to good reputation secured by its graduates who works abroad. Among them there are eminent scientists, the Nobel prizemen, for example, physicist Andre Geim Konstantin Novoselov.

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