MIPT Invites International Schoolchildren to Computer School

09 October 2018
MIPT Invites Non-Resident Schoolchildren to Computer School

The university will launch an English medium group for the first time this year.

If you want to prepare for top Russian engineering university entry and become a programmer, come to the Moscow Workshops Juniors 2019 winter school held by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Classes will run between 25 February and 6 March 2019; schoolchildren in 9th – 11th grades from any country are welcome. The course includes lectures in IT disciplines, programming problems analysis, practice and intellectual contests and games. Tuition fee is 33,900 rubles ($520). Participants should confirm their proficiency by solving informatics problems at an Olympiad which comprises four qualifying rounds. Thirty top scorers at each round will be invited to the winter school. The Olympiad rounds will be held on 21 October 2018, 18 November, 16 December and 20 January 2019. Start time: 12:00. The finalists have extra points for individual achievements added to the MIPT entrance examinations score.

Sign in at the MIPT website to apply for the Olympiad. The link to the test will be emailed to you before the first qualifying round. Send your questions to school organisers at zksh-team@phystech.edu.

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