MIPT Launches New English Medium Programmes

08 June 2018 MIPT Launches New English Medium Programmes © MIPT

Candidates can participate in tryouts remotely.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology offers three new undergraduate programmes in English: Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Students will get quality engineering education in sought-after fields. The programme Computer Science aims to train IT specialists with a strong focus on software engineering. Students who major in Aerospace Engineering can find jobs as aerospace equipment designers, while Biomedical Engineering is for those who wish to develop and use state-of-the-art technology in medicine. Length of study is four years; tuition fee is 400,000 rubles a year (about $6,150).

To enrol in these programmes, international prospective students have to sign into the university website and take entrance examinations online: mathematics and physics or mathematics and computer science (depending on the selected programme) and attach a cover letter. The results will be emailed to the candidate within seven days.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is a top Russian engineering university listed in prestigious rankings by subject. Times Higher Education ranked it 48th by physical sciences and 67th by computer science. In QS Rankings 2018 for Physics and Astronomy, MIPT appeared in the 51-100 bracket. Among MIPT graduates are outstanding physicists, Nobel Prize winners Andre Geim and Konstanting Novoselov who discovered graphene, a new high strength material.                                                                                                                                 


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