Residents of 76 Countries Take Total Dictation Russian Language Test

16 April 2018
Residents of 76 Countries Take Total Dictation Russian Language Test

Some 230,000 people took part in the annual event held for the 15th time.

Total Dictation is an annual international education action focused on literacy and promoting the Russian language which is native to more than 150 million people. The project brings together people of different ages, nationalities and professions who like Russian and wish to test their literacy. The dictation was written in more than 1,000 settlements across the world. Qatar, Costa Rica, Panama and Hungary joined the Dictation for the first time this year. In 2018, Vladivostok, the largest city in the Russian Far East was named the Total Dictation capital; the Student Centre at Far Eastern Federal University was the key venue of the test. Moscow provided more than 300 Total Dictation venues, some of them were on university premises, for example at National University of Science and Technology MISIS and Higher School of Economics. Surprisingly, the dictation was written not only in classrooms but also on the Big Wheel, in a trolley, at airports, on flights, at Arctic research stations and even in outer space.

Among the participants were both native speakers and foreign learners of Russian including students of prestigious Russian universities. Five hundred people wrote the Dictation at Kazan Federal University; of those 70 are foreign nationals from China, Iran, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt, Hungary, Nigeria and Vietnam. Some 1,000 people wrote the test at Far Eastern Federal University including 400 international students. More than 400 Russian native speakers and 191 goreigners wrote the Dictaton at South Ural State UniversityNational Research Tomsk Polytechnic University reported 453 participants overall; 129 of them were foreign nationals.

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