Samara University to Hold Olympiad in Belarus

07 February 2019
Samara University to Hold Olympiad in Belarus
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The winners get scholarships to study at the university.

Samara University will hold an international Olympiad in Minsk, Brest, Gomel and Vitebsk from 18 February to 4 March 2019. Schoolchildren in 10th - 11th grades planning to enrol in undergraduate programmes at a Russian university are welcome. The academic competition will be held in physics, mathematics, social science and Russian. A candidate can select any number of subjects; to get a scholarship, they have to successfully solve the problems in three disciplines. For example, an engineering programme scholarship requires a top score in physics, mathematics and the Russian language, while an economics programme scholarship is granted to Olympiad winners in social science, mathematics and Russian. The top scorers in one or two subjects get prizes as well as ten extra points to their Samara University entrance examination score.

The Olympiad winners have to come to Samara University for a short summer course in July 2019 which includes education events, proficiency tests for subsequent grouping, a university tour and guided tours. Accommodation, tuition and the cultural programme are free of charge.

Olympiad will be held in Minsk: Lyceum No 2, 74 Yakubov Street, 18-20 February; in Brest: A.S.Pushkin Lyceum No 1, 63 Orlovskaya Street, 21-22 February; in Gomel: Gymnasium No 14, 18 Olympiyskaya Street, 26-28 February; in Vitebsk: Gymnasium No 8, 23/7 Chkalova Street, 2-4 March. To take part, register at the Samara University website in advance and see the competition schedule. The participants are requested to bring their passport or its copy and two 3 x 4 cm photos. Forward your questions to

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