SibFU Will Open a Center for Prospective Students in Tajikistan

05 April 2017
SibFU Will Open a Center for Prospective Students in Tajikistan
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In the Career Guidance Center, high school students will be able to learn Russian and prepare for admission to the university.

The center will be opened on May 10, 2017 in the city of Khudzhand located at the north of Tajikistan. Siberian Federal University specialists will tell anyone, willing to obtain higher education or improve their qualifications, about university programmes, admission tests and research projects.

The preparatory Russian language courses will be opened in the Career Guidance Center, which will provide prospective students with an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming studies in Russia. In addition, Tajik high school students in Khudzhand will be able to participate in the SibFU Olympiads and pass mock exams for prospective students to try their hand at and then pass the entrance examinations to the university.

Siberian Federal University is more popular among graduates of Tajik schools. So for two years the number of Tajik students in SibFUSibFU has increased from 4 in 2014 to 68 in 2016.

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