SibFU Dendrochronology Summer School Invitation

22 January 2018
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Classes will be held at SibFU Sayano-Shushenskaya Branch in August 2018.

Tree Rings, Climate, Natural Resources and Human Interaction is an English-taught programme for students and young scientists. Participants will have two-week training in data analysis in tree-ring research and learn to apply it in climate evaluation. The data obtained in the course of study help track climate changes. The course was prepared jointly with U.S. scientists; classes will be conducted by University of Arizona Professors Ramzi Touchan and David M.Meko; practical training in dendrology will run in Shushensky Bor National Park, a beautiful place with varied landscape. There are plain, mountains and forest. 

Those who wish to join the short programme are requested to forward a short resume and a cover letter in English to Elena Babushkina ( or Ramzi Touchan ( till 20 March 2018. The results will be announced by 27 March. Tuition fee is 400 euros which covers the cost of training and accommodation. The first dendrology summer school was held in 2013 gathering students from Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Iran, India, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

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