SibFU Invites Prospective CIS Students to Free Online Courses

07 November 2018 SibFU Invites Prospective CIS Students to Free Online Courses

High schoolers in their final year from Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are welcome to apply.

Siberian Federal University launched free Russian-medium online courses in mathematics, informatics, chemistry, physics, Russian and social science. Learners will get self-study texts on each topic and then take tests. Final tests are taken at the end of the course. Course completion certificates are awarded to those who succeed. You can start training anytime: just register on the university website. SibFU courses are an excellent opportunity to prepare for university entrance examinations. Prospective students who successfully complete online courses are eligible to take part in the Get into SibFU contest. The single-round contest will be held at venues in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The dates and addresses will be available on the university website in December 2018.

Siberian Federal University, the largest beyond the Urals, is located in Krasnoyarsk. It currently provides training to some 1,000 international students who are mostly CIS residents. To attract prospective CIS students, SibFU holds regular promotion events such as education fairs, meetings and career guidance consultations.


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