SPbPU Invites Prospective Chinese Students to Russian Language Week

10 October 2018 SPbPU Invites Prospective Chinese Students to Russian Language Week © SPbPU

The event will run in Xian between 18 October and 22 October 2018.

If you are interested in the Russian language and culture and consider entering a Russian university, come to Xian Foreign Languages University for Russian Language Week. The event organiser, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, offers an interesting packed programme including a 15-hour SPbPU-designed course in basic Russian to further the knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and speaking etiquette. Course completion certificates are provided. Participants can take an optional test in Russian; the top scorer will get a prize. Popular Russian songs, national Russian dishes and a tea ceremony are on the event menu. The organisers will showcase Russian folk crafts and display photos of Chinese students’ SPbPU campus life. Venue: South Wenyuan Road, Xi'an Guodu Education and Sci-Tech Industrial Development Zone. Write to adm@spbstuchina.com to register for the event. You have to fill out an application form which the University will e-mail to you.

Russian-Chinese cooperation strengthens every year, so Russian language study and education in Russia are increasingly popular with prospective Chinese students. Many Chinese nationals choose SPbPU. The university currently provides training to 1,200 students from China. It offers a wide range of engineering and humanities fields of study. SpbPU has an office in Shanghai and cooperates with Chinese education organisations to promote exchange programmes and joint internships and research.


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