SUAI and Polotsk University held an International Summer School on Information Technology and Robotics for students

06 July 2022
SUAI and Polotsk University held an International Summer School on Information Technology and Robotics for students

The International Summer School on Information Technologies and Robotics brought together students from St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) and Polotsk State University (PSU). In 2022, universities signed an interaction plan that covers educational, scientific, innovative, educational and international activities. One of the joint projects - the International Summer School - has become an opportunity for students to gain new knowledge and practical skills.

A delegation of students fr om Polotsk took part in the events of the International Summer School on Information Technology and Robotics. Guests from Belarus visited ten laboratories and got acquainted with the developments of the SUAI Engineering School. The guys were able to try themselves in the field of robotics in various areas (industrial, mobile, flying, collaborative) and in the field of IT technologies (artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things).

In turn, SUAI students also came to Polotsk with a return visit for a week. They studied the technologies for developing programmable mobile systems, got acquainted with the technology of organizing a wireless mesh network based on esp32 microcontrollers, and also studied the basics of programming software and hardware controllers and the use of wavelets in speech processing and recognition tasks.

Petersburgers not only intensively worked on gaining knowledge, but also replenished their stock of impressions: a visit to the sights of Polotsk was organized for them. SUAI students visited the buildings of the former Polotsk Jesuit Collegium “From the Past to the Future”, made an excursion to the Printing Museum and St. Sophia Cathedral, visited the Simeon Polotsky Museum. And they were also imbued with the atmosphere of the hospitable Polotsk State University.

It was a return meeting, during which SUAI students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in such areas as programmable mobile systems, virtual reality technologies, radiometry and dosimetry, video data processing and analysis. The theoretical presentation of the material was at its best, in addition, the students were able to demonstrate practical skills, while working with unique equipment. We learned a lot of useful things from our colleagues not only from an educational point of view, but also from an organizational one. Thus, more than twenty IT companies have been opened in Polotsk for cooperation with PSU students. Colleagues qualitatively build mutually beneficial relationships with companies. In this regard, we also have room to grow,” Grigory Plotnikov, head of the SUAI group, shared his impressions.

Also, the SUAI delegation visited the educational and scientific base of PSU on Lake Chernoy, wh ere university students with a degree in geodesy have an internship. In the educational laboratories, students worked with the equipment, applying their knowledge. The final stage of the Summer School was a trip to Minsk, which took place on the eve of the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.