SUSU Holds International Students Forum

21 November 2019
SUSU Holds International Students Forum

More than 200 foreign nationals took part in Ural Fest.

Though launched as recently as this year, the festival can easily become a good tradition for international students from leading universities of the Ural region. Aside from the official part, the forum programme included master classes, entertainment and sport competitions. International students cooked national dishes to treat guests and displayed national costumes, tableware, books and musical instruments. Foreigners often bring along souvenirs that help them describe the culture of their countries. In the university hall, they pitched a nomad’s tent; everybody was welcome to peek in. Next to the tent, guests were offered to learn African dance movements, write Chinese hieroglyphs and taste Arabian butter cookies (kurabie) or Tajik baked buns (samsa). The “Sports for all” events were exciting relay races and tugs-of-war with SUSU teachers among the participants.

South Ural State University is an international university. In 2019, it admitted more than 500 foreign nationals. The university currently provides training to more than 2,200 students from 53 countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States, Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Affordable tuition fees and a broad range of programmes are among the SUSU advantages that attract foreign nationals.