“The Golden Autumn” International Festival Was Held in SPbPU

18 November 2016
“The Golden Autumn” International Festival Was Held in SPbPU

The festival gathered local and international students from universities of St. Petersburg.

SPbPU is proud of its long-running tradition arranging  “The Golden Autumn” International Festival. This year it was held for the twenty first time. 160 students took part in the qualifying round. They represented 30 countries – China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Brazil, Morocco, and others.

33 students qualified in the finals and took part in the festival gala. The young people presented their performances and the jury selected winners. Different factors, such as national authenticity, aesthetics, voice, and the choice of material were considered. 

Most performances were inspired by national traditions of the performers. However, the juries’ hearts were captured by a dancing robot also capable of loving and caring. It was impersonated by Amindjon Abdulrakhimov from Tajikistan who was awarded the prize for the best dance. The best vocal performance was given by Aiyina Efremova from Yakutia whose song “Wanderer” brought her the award in this nomination.

The audience found the festival spectacular and memorable. As for the contestants, they expressed their delight in being a part of the event which made it possible to bring together nations through the art.
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