TSU Invites International Students to Russian Language Summer School

14 February 2018 Study in Russia for foreigners © TSU

Application deadline is 9 June 2018.

National Research Tomsk State University school will run from 21 August till 8 September 2018. International students having A2-B1 proficiency level are welcome. The programme includes written and spoken Russian classes (90 hours) and Russian culture and history and culture studies (30 hours). Students will take grammar, work with Russian media texts and discuss current issues. At the end of the course, participants get TSU course completion certificates; a language proficiency test (TORFL) is an option. TSU offers an interesting cultural programme that includes Tomsk sightseeing tours and visits to several museums, Human Puppet Theatre and Siberian Botanical Garden.

Course fee: 50,000 rubles ($830); it covers airport transfer, TSU dormitory accommodation, tuition and entertainment. Applicants are requested to prepare a package of documents. Details are here. Forward your enquiries to programme supervisor Elmiar Sadykova (tsusummerschool@mail.ru). 


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