TSU Programmes in Chemistry Accredited in China

30 April 2020
TSU Programmes in Chemistry Accredited in China

An international commission gave top grades to teaching at the university.

Four Tomsk State University programmes were granted international professional and public accreditation for a maximum period of six years. Chemistry (BSc), Fundamental and Applied Chemistry of Substances and Materials (MSc), Translational Chemical and Biomedical Technologies (MSc) and Fundamental and Applied Chemistry (specialist degree) earned the top five-star ranking and Excellent Quality commendation from Russia’s National Accreditation Council and China’s Higher Education Evaluation Centre of the Ministry of Education. 

Their joint commission went to TSU last autumn to explore the content of the four programmes and check their meeting international standards and labour market requirements, teachers’ qualifications and sufficiency of laboratory equipment. The commission assessed the chemistry programmes by 54 basic and additional criteria. Commission members visited the University and Tomsk Research Institute for Oncology where chemistry students have practice.

The university expects the accreditation to help promote chemistry programmes among prospective students from China and Southeast Asia. In 2019, TSU had a programme in journalism accredited by China’s Higher Education Evaluation Centre.

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