War and Peace

22 July 2016
War and Peace

Admission campaign of Russian universities in Syria is in progress.

In 2016/2017 academic year, the Russian government has allocated 278 scholarships for Syrians. Admission campaign takes place in the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus.

Within three days admission test was already written by 344 people, 226 prospective students have registered for the online examination. Two versions of the test were offered. One is for those students who want to get technical specialty and the other for the humanities. Tasks was duplicated in English and Arabic. Results will be accessible at the beginning of August 2016.

Despite the difficult situation in Syria students have choosen quite peaceful professions. The most popular fields of study was Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Mathematics, IT-technology, Architecture and Art Studies. This is understandable because military operations will come to the end sooner or later while professionals are always needed.
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