Why Foreigners Want to Study in Russia: Opinion Poll Results

09 June 2018
Why Foreigners Want to Study in Russia: Opinion Poll Results

Following are the results of a recent opinion poll conducted among international prospective students.

A total of 557 foreign nationals from 56 countries answered Studyinrussia.ru questions; of those 333 are residents of former Soviet republics (CIS and the Baltic States) and another 224 hail from other countries (the USA, Spain, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela, South Africa, Sri Lanka etc). The average age of those polled is 22. The poll showed that 98 percent of prospective students who visit Studyinrussia.ru and signed up for the newsletter plan to study in Russia. Quality education is a key reason behind the interest in Russian universities. More than 40 percent of the respondents believe that the profession they’ve chosen is best taught in Russia. Many said that their countries could not provide training for certain professions. The students planning to study the Russian language, Russian culture, history and literature believe that studying in Russia is the best option.

As for the education level, prospective international students tend to choose undergraduate, specialist's degree and masters programmes. CIS nationals and Baltic states residents want to study in Russian, while applicants from other states prefer English medium programmes because they are not proficient enough in Russian. Pre-university training is popular with foreign nationals. Some 90 percent of the students who took part in the survey praised Studyinrussia.ru for quality and appeal. They noted such advantages of the website as detailed university profiles, easy access to information, user-friendly interface and the opportunity to contact the university directly and get a reply. The mobile version of the website is abridged, so if your search returns no results try the desktop version.

Studyinrussia.ru thanks everybody who took part in the poll.

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