International Students Dormitories

Is there a dormitory for international students at the university? The university has several dormitories where foreign students live. Buildings № 1-7 in-line type dormitories, № 8 block type and № 9-12 apartments are situated in Dolgoprudny, Moscow region, one suite type dormitory is situated in Moscow, Zjuzino district, one dormitory is located in Zhukovsky in the Moscow region
Is the dormitory far from academic buildings? All the dormitories except building in Moscow are within walking distance of academic buildings.
How many people live in one room? There are from 2 to 4 people in each room.
Where are the facilities situated (shower, WC)? In-line type dormitories have a lavatory in the corridor, apartments – in the apartment.
Where is the kitchen situated? Is it equipped with home appliances and utensils In-line type dormitories have a kitchen on the floor, apartments – in the apartment. All the kitchens are provided with a kitchen stove.
What does university provide for students when they move in? At check-in students are provided with bed-clothes, and there is furniture in the room (a bed, chairs, a table, a cupboard for storage).
Is there Wi-Fi at the dormitory? Internet charge is from 500 rubles per month depending on speed.
Does the dorm building have additional facilities? There are  laundries, reading rooms and gyms free of charge.
What is the monthly fee for dormitory? Cost of living is 1200-1400 rubles per month.