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Año de fundaciónón: 1899

Total de estudiantes: 31 772 / Estudiantes extranjeros: 4 950

Facultades: 11 / Cátedras: 124

Profesores: 2 600

Profesor659 Docentes1 330 Doctor en ciencias630 Candidatos de las ciencias450 Profesores extranjeros190

Principales programas de educación para los extranjeros: 426

Licenciatura165 Maestría170 Especialista1 Formación del personal altamente calificado90

Programas educativos adicionales para los extranjeros: 47

Programa de preparación preuniversitaria 2 El estudio de la lengua rusa como extranjera 1 Programas cortos 43 Otros programas 1

SPbPU is the oldest technical university in Russia and is also a national research university.  

The university's graduates are in demand across research, design and business.  

SPbPU offers its students:

  • A wide selection of study programmes (Bachelor's, Specialist and Master's Degrees, Postgraduate Studies Programme);
  • Teaching from the best lecturers of St. Petersburg and European universities; 
  • Internships; 
  • Academic mobility programmes; 
  • Double degree programmes; 
  • Scholarships; 
  • Assistance gaining employment with companies that are leaders in the global market. 

Since the foundation of the university in 1899, a huge number of its graduates have received worldwide recognition in various spheres and won prestigious awards, including the Nobel Prize.